Monday, 10 May 2010


May i warn all you budding BJD artists who want to learn from scratch how to make them...
I joined a guild for this purpose in march and was promised along with other artists, that a tutorial on how to make them was to be published on a regular basis...Now I amongst others have paid for this tutorial only to have it withheld quite underhandedly for more subscription money.

The artist in question has told us all that the last part of this tutorial will be posted up at the end of may...i must point out that the last updated piece of this photo tutorial was posted at the end of is it reasonable to wait for 1 month or so for this tutorial to be updated? no it is not. Tutorials have been promised and nothing is ever updated, tutorials have been removed from the 2010 schedule without explanation so what are we paying a monthly payment for?

She never visits the forum as promised to advise and answer peoples questions regarding sculpting. She takes off posts that she doesn't like and regularly posts on facebook and other forums recruiting other beginners to line the pockets of herself without anything in return. I as well as many others that belong to this guild have had enough, and wish to spread to word without others being scammed and ripped off. You maybe can say give the benefit of doubt, BUT this has happened before
so avoid this site like the plague, do not give her your money, as she will change your amount at her leisure....

Please do not sign up as the doll community including myself would hate for you to become a victim and lose money

And the name of this wonderful artist who thinks its absolutely fine to rip you off?


Sites to avoid

If anyone would like to join "Real Artists Against Scam Artists" and let off some steam, here is the link

Real Artists Against Scam Artists


Adding here again...Please be aware that Aida has yet another new ID on ebay...her new ID is cuedith2011 so buy dolls at your own risk, you have been warned!!

here is a link to her ebay listings


monkeefan66 said...

Thank you for the post, Linny! Very well spoken!
Love your blog and will be following!

natsiddle said...

Smart move, Linny.
As a member of the affected guild, I can confirm the problems Linny reports. We were offered tutorials and advice for a fee of $19.99.
We joined on the promise of scheduled tutorials and events, and of course, the proffessional advice of Aida Roman herself.
we have recieved unfinished or unviewable tutorials, and vague promises as to when they will be complete. To add insult to injury, tutorials we are told are 'unfinished' are actually on A Romans facebook in alltheir entirety, for all to see...for free.
Adia has refused to refund those who are outside the 45-day limit Paypal imposes on transaction disputes.
When she does become involved with the forums on her own site, it is to delete posts that suggest she is anything other than honest. She has a record for taking money from trusting individuals. She is obviously a talented ldy, and that is not under dispute, but for someone with such a reputation to uphold, it beggars belief why she is being so openly dishonest?

Please dont give this woman any money for empty promises-her 'guild' is nothing more than a collective of confused and upset individuals like myself.
Avoid the sites Linny had kindly listed, and above all keep Aidamaris Roman out of your bank account!

Nat S

Cinderellasplace said...

Thank you Linny for making this post, very well said.
Hug's, Cindy

Sharon-NZ said...

Thanks Linny,

This is totally the truth as stated. None of us who have lost money in this scam want anyone else to lose money.

Sharon's Place said...

Good on you girls... Sharon has been telling me the crap you guys have had to deal with ... Pity no one lives closer to her eh LOL
Sharon 2

Linny said...

If we can just spread the word and keep her on the hop, perhaps nobody else will lose money...this is such an underhanded way of doing business....And she doesn't really seem to care about reputation or decency...The internet is a powerful tool, so lets use it to it's full potential, and stop this con artist in her tracks...
thankyou so much for your support and we will achieve lots if we stick together eh!